"music behind closed doors"

by Sophomores



"music behind closed doors" is a work for tape composed during the fall of 2009 under the direction of Ronald Bruce Smith.

Source sounds for the piece include various screams, moans, cries, whips, slaps and choking sounds, sounds that are considered gross or deviant according to social custom, but are ever-present in people’s private lives. These sounds are accompanied by a creaking door, which act as transitional material in the piece and represent the doors that people close to hide their imperfections and deviances from the public eye. The result is a haunting work that takes the listener through several episodes of harsh, layered voices, each an attempt to find a sense of musicality in that harshness.


released April 7, 2010
composed by brandon green


all rights reserved



Sophomores Boston, Massachusetts

Sophomores is the noisy, contemplative musical alias of Brandon Lucas Green. Brandon makes music in Boston, MA, with roots throughout New England, USA.

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